Anti-Vomiting Tablets & Nembutal Test Kit included for free on orders over - $500 amount!

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Please keep in mind that shipping updates needs up to 24 hours to be visible online.

Reships & Refunds policy

All orders are backed up with the Reship/Refund policy. Which means that if tracking code shows that for some reason order was lost or wasn't delivered, we will reship the same order to the same address after your confirmation without any questions. Or we can refund the full amount of money back to you, in case you prefer so. Our discreet shipping methods and highest shipping rate gives us the opportunity to offer you the 100% order insurance policy for free.

Conditions for Reships/Refunds:

There is only 1 condition:

  • Tracking code should say that order wasn't delivered. If Tracking shows that order was delivered, there is nothing we can do about reship or refund.

Asking for Reship/Refund:

First of all you should wait for 1 week in case you had Express shipping or 3 weeks if you had Regular one. Then you should contact us with the order number and the tracking information to the following address:

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