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Frequently asked questions

1. Which shipping methods do you offer?

In the checkout section you will see Regular Post shipping option which is free (included in the order price) and the Express one, which is DHL, UPS or TNT, depended on the country.

2.Do you ship with Tracking?


3.When I will get my order?

It's depended on which kind of shipping method you choose. With the Express Shipping you will have it in 24/48 hours. With the Regular one it can take from 5 to 10 days.

4.Is it safe to order Nembutal online?

We take care for each order and prepare them individually. With our discreet shipping methods and highest success guarantee, you are safe with us.

5.Which kind of Nembutal do I need?

As you can check in our shop, we offer 3 kinds of Nembutal: Nembutal Liquid, Nembutal Powder and Nembutal Pills. Difference is only in the routes of administration, while the destination point is the same.

Every kind of Nembutal is highest quality possible in our shop. Liquid can be injected or drunk orally. Powder is water soluble, so you can dissolve it in water. Pills can be taken in a traditional way.

6.How much Nembutal do I need?

Please consult with us about dosage recommendations.

7.What happens if I do not receive my order?

Keep calm, you are backed up. Our discreet shipping methods and highest shipping rate gives us the opportunity to offer you the 100% order insurance policy for free.

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